How to Select a Mobile DJ for Hire in Melbourne

Whether you are planning a Corporate or Social Functions ,a birthday party, or graduation event, you cannot go wrong with a mobile DJ for hire. Melbourne, just how do you choose one though? Music will be the most important component of the event, so itís critical that you get it right. Here are five considerations you should address before choosing the right mobile DJ to hire in Melbourne.


Of course, any mobile DJ should have his own equipment, but what kind of equipment does he use? Is it powerful enough for your event? And, what about a backup plan in case his primary equipment fails? These issues should be addressed first and foremost. If the DJ doesnít have the right equipment, or if he doesnít have a solid backup plan in case his equipment fails, then heís probably not the one for your event.


Ask if he is a nice DJ, and only plays certain kinds of music. If so, what is that type, and does it match with your expectations? If he is open to various styles, ask about selection. Obviously, the more versatile the better. Also, does he take requests? Work on building a song list with him and make it clear whether or not he should diverge from it. Itís your event, after all.


Regardless of how he appears during his sales pitch, itís important to ask around. Get referrals and contact them. Also, check review websites, several of them. This will give you a good gauge as to whether the DJ showed up on time and handled himself well with guests at the other venues he worked.


How long has he been a professional DJ? This can include, not only working solo, but with another company. The more experience he has, the more knowledge he has, and the length of time heís been employed in the same field will also be a good indicator of his ongoing success as a DJ.


What does he charge for his services, and what is included? Is lighting extra? How about hosting duties, such as announcements? Or, does he simply play the music? Get it all in writing before you sign so there is no confusion on the day of the event.