The Perfect Corporate Party And Whether To Hire DJs in Melbourne Or Not

If you are the boss or the public relations right hand of the boss, then you want to keep your employees and clients happy. And they will be happy and love you if you throw a great party! There are always reasons to do it: a rise in sales, Christmas, a new project or client. There are different types of partyt you can throw and some will need the services of DJs in Melbourne and some wont. Lets take a quick look.

The dinner party

In this case hiring a catering company with a great chef is the most important. They will usually be able to provide some good wines as well, or at least make suggestions. Make sure that you order enough food and drinks for everyone and a bit extra. Starters, main course and dessert are imperative. A salad bar and vegetarian options would also show that you are considerate of peoples needs and preferences. This type of party is not really ideally for any Melbourne DJs.

The cocktail party

Here of course the bartender is the protagonist. But you still need to look for a good DJ. Melbourne has many hire DJ services. Make sure to choose one that comes with their own equipment. It will save you a lot of trouble. Apart from the music, you need to provide finger food and maybe a buffet, depending on how long you expect the party to last.

The dance party

If you want to offer a fun night to your clients and/or employees, go for a dance party with a vibrant, clubbing atmosphere. If you go down this route then hire DJs in Melbourne to make the party great. It is a nice way for people to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. You can book a space that offers comfort food, like burgers and fries, to start with, and then allow a good dj to make everyone dance. Karaoke is also a nice addition to these more informal corporate events.

If you do not know where to start, you can check out the Ethic Dance website. They offer DJs throughout Melbourne with full equipment and they offer extra services for big events, like first aid and security guards.