How To Organise The Perfect Dance Birthday Party: Drinks, Food, And DJ Hire For Melbourne Parties

This time of the year is approaching again: your birthday! And of course you want to celebrate in the best possible way and share the joy with your friends. So why not organise a birthday party? Don't worry, you wont need to spend ages to get everything ready. And you don't need to be anxious the whole night, making sure that everyone is having a good time. Just organise some food, drinks, and enquire about DJ hire in Melbourne for the music.

The Music

The first element of any successful party is the music. You absolutely want to start looking for DJ hire Melbourne services. A DJ will make sure that there will be music throughout the night. You won't have to worry if your friend made the play list, as he was supposed to. You won't have to leave your guests every half an hour to add more mp3s on the list

The drinks

Fancy cocktails always give a party that extra sparkle. Consider hiring a professional bartender that will be able to offer your friends a variety of exotic drinks. If your budget is limited you can offer 2 vodka-based cocktails, 2 gin-based ones and one based on whiskey. This way you will significantly limit the amount of ingredients that you will need to buy.

The Food

Even if your party is a dancing party and it starts quite late, you want to give people access to some finger food. Otherwise they will either get drunk too fast or too tired. Dancers need fuel! You can hire a catering company to prepare the finger food for you or you can do it your self one or two days before the party, if there is space in your fridge.

If you are looking for DJ hire in Melbourne, try out Ethic Dance. You can also ask them to bring security and first aid men with them, if your party is really grand!